Portaplay and Die Asta Experience has received a production grant from the Ministry of Education for the project Læringsmixeren. Production is well under way after a first succesful start up meeting with our production partners and collaborators.

Portaplay is developing the learning tool The Learning Mixer (“Læringsmixeren”) in collaboration with Die Asta Experience.
Following a succesful preproduction phase, the project has now been given a grant from the Ministry of Educations digital learning tool program.
We have invited museums from all over Denmark to participate in the production.
The photo shows our first meeting, where at this moment Portaplay and Die Asta Experience are celebrating the grant and production start together with invited guests from the cultural region of Funen, The National Museum, The Maritime Museum and Johannes Larsen museum.

The Learning Mixer is an e-learning project, which uses the analysis of pictures and items together with co-creation mashups as a way to educate students about social-, art-, and cultural history throughout the most important periods of time in Denmark. The Learning Mixer is a spinoff from our former project the Artmixer, which you can read about here: ARTMix