Project Description

Hr. Skægs Hotel (Mr. beard’s Hotel)

An English wording game for children

PortaPlay, Danmarks Radio (DR) and Greathouse have created a mobile game supporting the famous Ramasjang TV-series character Hr. Skæg.


The game play Mr. Skæg’s Hotel is based on the programme Hr. Skæg (Mr. Skæg), which is casted on the Danish National television. There is an episodes about Mr. Skæg’s new hotel, where he is speaking English with his international guests.


Mr. Skæg manage all positions at Mr. Skæg’s Hotel , which is a funny gimmick. In order to introduce the children in the target group to the English language interacts and communicate with the hotel’s many foreign guests.

Frame work

Mr. Skæg has taken over an old hotel and has opened the doors for guests from all over the world.

He is always thrilled to meet new people and he hopes that the guests will have a pleasant with him. That way he can get a lot of international friends. He wants to place a picture of all the international friends on his ‘friend-wall’ in the hotel lobby. But they all talk different languages, so he hopes he understands them well enough to help them when needed and they will be satisfied with their stay. Maybe they can all understand each other if they all speak English?

However, Mr. Skæg does not speak English and he has never run a hotel before. Actually, he has never stayed at a hotel before because he always travels in his hot air ballon. So he desperately needs you help!

  • Educational material

  • 3-6 years old

  • Language game

  • Interactive language-gameplay