NewsArcade – Seriously Play the News!

PortaPlay Co-Develops new tool, to help journalists reach new audiences. Journalist and publishers providing news content in different formats are challenged like never before: they need to reaffirm their usefulness within democratic societies, by strengthening the bond with their audience and even creating new connections with parts of the population that have become distant. [...]

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PortaPlay signs major publishing deal

Broken Lines to be published by the new premium publisher PortaPlay is proud to announce that we have partnered with to bring our ambitious tactics game to the international marked on PC and Switch. Broken Lines is an atmospheric storydriven war-game set in Eastern Europe during ww2. You control a squad of [...]

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Designing for Children’s Rights #d4cr

Portaplay participated in the Designing for Children’s Rights 2019 Talkoot #d4cr Designing for Children’s Rights is all about taking responsibility when developing products and services targeted children. At PortaPlay we have a lot of focus on this topic and it was very interesting getting even more insights and participate in the discussions. The D4CR [...]

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Big Ocean Window – Digital Aquarium

The North Sea Oceanarium treating the guests with a fascinating experience.Showing the predators and prey of the North Sea - in the same aquarium - does not seem to be possible. Some animals are too big or too intelligent to be put into aquariums, others would not last 5 minutes before they were eaten .Today's [...]

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School Yard Ninja available for download

Portaplay has together with YouGlobe and the production company Optic Circus released the narrative beat ‘em up game School Yard Ninja (Skolegårdsninja). School Yard Ninja is a funny, hard hitting cocktail of epic kung Fu fantasy, and Danish ground school social realism. Teaching the young kids about the fine balance between wild play and [...]

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Interactive Documentary Deadline Syria released

Portaplay has developed the setup of the technical framework and content pipeline for the interactive documentary Deadline Syria. The project is a follow up to the Award winning project Deadline Athens and made by Thomas Aue Sobol, Lasse Telling, Die Asta Experience and Red Barnet. In this new project you assume the role of [...]

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PortaPlay receives EU grant for Broken Lines Game

We are proud to announce that Portaplay has received a grant of 115K Euro for the development of our game Broken Lines from the EU media support of European Video Games 2017. The competition was high this year with only 32 projects out of 146 applicants receiving a grant, with only one danish company [...]

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Portaplay developing tactics game Broken Lines

Portaplay is proud  to announce our upcoming game Broken Lines -  a story-based war drama with turn based tactical squad combat. The game has started development with a grant support from Spilordningen and we now have a prototype ready, before beginning full production. You can like our Facebook page for the game for more [...]

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