Project Description

Portaplay is working together with Copenhagen Film Company, Planet 2030 and Toronto based Helios Design Labs to create the web-based interactive documentary Project Iceworm.

We are using film, documents and hundreds of stills to recreate Camp Century – first step in a secret US plan to place 600 nuclear missiles in tunnels under Greenlands icecap during The Cold War without consulting Denmark nor Greenland. Could the Soviet threat justify this? Could something similar happen today?

In Project Iceworm you experience a journey to Greenland. You interact with the American military personnel sent to Camp Century while it was active during the 1960’s – as well as the secret Danish agent sent by the danish government. You can jump in time and meet environmental scientists investigating the consequences and fallout for the people of contemporary Northwestern Greenland.

Your task is to investigate in a critical manner, questioning the persons you meet and their views on the story.You make your own choices, analyze the information, and finally draw your own conclusions.