NewsArcade – Seriously Play the News!

PortaPlay Co-Develops new tool, to help journalists reach new audiences. Journalist and publishers providing news content in different formats are challenged like never before: they need to reaffirm their usefulness within democratic societies, by strengthening the bond with their audience and even creating new connections with parts of the population that have become distant. [...]

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Spilprisen 2020 Nominee

PortaPlay's production Truth Hunter is now nominated. This time it is the Danish Game Award "Spilprisen" in the category - Best Emergent Experience ("Årets nyskabelse"). The production "Truth Hunter" made in corporation with Batavia Media. See the nominees here: Truth Hunter is an educational interactive documentary game seeking the truth of the Balkan [...]

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DR Sikker & Søn – a traffic learning game

‘Sikker & Søn’ - a traffic learning game ‘Sikker & Søn’ (Safe & Son) is a DR Ramasjang production about traffic rules and behaviour targeting children of age 3-6 years. In cooperation with DR (Danish Broadcast Corporation) and Greathouse, PortaPlay has developed the ‘Sikker & Søn’ learning game for pre schoolers that increases awareness [...]

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Tro, Magt og Medier (Faith, Power, and Media)

An interactive film archive where you create your own version of the story. PortaPlay is in the process of developing the digital teaching portal - Tro, magt og medier (Faith, Power, and Media) - to be used in History and Christianity Education in Secondary- and High Schools. The digital archive contains video, images and audio [...]

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Interactive Documentary Deadline Syria released

Portaplay has developed the setup of the technical framework and content pipeline for the interactive documentary Deadline Syria. The project is a follow up to the Award winning project Deadline Athens and made by Thomas Aue Sobol, Lasse Telling, Die Asta Experience and Red Barnet. In this new project you assume the role of [...]

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Historiejagt Fyn updated

Our LBS (location based) AR (augmented reality) app “Historiejagt Fyn” (Storyhunt Funen) is updated with polished GUI and additional content. Browse within hundreds of cultural spots or check out the predefined routes, with interesting and amusing anecdotes, to explore Fyn from a cultural perspective. Great for your next visit to Funen! Available for: [...]

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“Læringsmixeren” – testing the learning app

Portaplay and Die Asta Experience are currently developing the “Læringsmixer” project (Learning Mixer). The project enables you to use mobiles and tablets to learn about important themes from different time periods through the investigation of artworks. Explore the stories and artifacts connected to them and remix the original artwork, to tell your own story [...]

2017-02-06T12:55:30+01:00February 6th, 2017|e-learning, museum, Portaplay|

The Expedition prototype finished

The prototype phase of The Expedition is now finished. The Expedition is a flexible module based learning course for the 5-9. grade for classes covering Danish, Nature and Technique/ Biology and Social studies. The course follows an expedition to the Artic Sea looking for the Bowhead Whale.   Portaplay made tests of the digital prototype [...]

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