The award winning interactive documentary Deadline Athen is getting a sequel. Portaplay travelled to Amman in Jordan for a workshop with local media people regarding the conflict in Syrua.

As part of the preproduction for Deadline Syria, Portaplay’s Jakob Hansson travelled to Jordan in january 2016, with Asta Wellejus from Die Asta Experience and journalists Thomas Aue Sobol and Lasse Telling.
A workshop was held in Amman with a lot of skilled local media people to get a better understanding of how to represent the complex conflict in Syria. The workshop was very informative, and we got a lot of useful contacts and inputs for the upcoming production. As part of the trip, The journalists also made several interviews, with both Jordanians, as well as interviews from local refugee camps.
We are very much looking forward to starting the full production up later in 2016.

If you have not experienced Deadline Athen you can click here.



A photo of a childs drawing in a refugee camp in Jordan



Photo from Amman in Jordan where the workshop took place.