Project Description


Walk in the footsteps of archaelogists and step into the tomb of the viking king – on the hunt for the secret behind the Ladby ship and the buried king. Who was he – and why was he buried in a ship inside a tomb. Who robbed the tomb, and is the king haunting Ladby?

Vikingekongens Grav (Tomb of the Viking King) is an interactive exploration hunt after the secrets of the past. It lets you learn more about the Ladbyship and the many mysteries surrounding it. You can solve 4 mission: The burial, the digging, the grave, and the burglary. Examine the skeletons. dragon heads, sacrificed animals and the treasures in the tomb, and solve the mystery of why the vikings buried a whole ship up on the land.

The app is made for Culture Region Funen, in cooperation with Die Asta experience and SRL Architects.

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Vikingekongens grav can be used in school class and family visits at the museum, in the class room and home in the living room. The app is produced and developed in cooperation with Vikingemuseet Ladby and Die Asta Experience, Portaply and Soren Robert Lund architects, with app-programming by KnapNok Games.