The Third Dimension – on-site science learning with SRL Architects


The Third Dimension Portaplay and SRL Architects have worked with creative development and prototyping for Forsyning Helsingør (Supply Helsingør) Powerplants. The overall concept is to give employees, visitors, guests and schools tools to interact with the powerplants and better understand how overall supply functions in Helsingør. The project [...]

StoryHunt Funen


Story Hunt Funen "Story Hunt Funen” is an app for families, hikers and culture explorers, that gives you access to the nature and culture of Funen. Grab the app and let it be your digital hunting guide that helps finding historical facts, stories, myths and sagas from Funen. The app is for you, [...]

Tomb of the Viking King (Vikingekongens Grav) – augmented reality app for families and school classes


  Walk in the footsteps of archaelogists and step into the tomb of the viking king - on the hunt for the secret behind the Ladby ship and the buried king. Who was he - and why was he buried in a ship inside a tomb. Who robbed the tomb, and is the [...]

Nordsøen Oceanarium – on site learning games


Nordsøen - Oceanarium - on-site learning games PortaPlay has together with Die Asta developed communication concept and conceptualised content elements for 'Nordsøen Oceanarium' (North Sea Oceanarium). Like the "Digital Fishing Rod", "Interactive sandfloor aquarium", Interactive signs and communication-screens and so on. Read more about Nordsøen Oceanarium her. Or see a short video [...]