Project Description

Qualified? (Egnet?)

QUALIFIED – A game that challenge your moral and principles

Together with The Danish national church’s educational services (Folkekirkelig Skoletjeneste) PortaPlay have developed a hybrid learning game. A board game and an online interactive video, that gives school students an opportunity to work with ‘hope’ and ‘fear’ on a deeper level through gamification, as well as to articulate existential and ethical dilemmas.


The game takes place in places before the short story “Unqualified” by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, where the main character, Eva, gets into trouble trying to help a friend escape. The friend betrays her and Eva is sentenced to execution.
The game takes place the days up to the short story. The students control the girl Liv, who is in the same class as Eva and Daniel. They live ordinary lifes, but they also struggle to be declared qualified, which puts them and their fellow students in situations where they have to decide on a number of dilemmas that challenge their principles in life.
In Qualified, the students gain knowledge of the human way of coping with hope and fear of the future through historical and contemporary beliefs about heaven and hell as well as contemporary utopias and dystopias. Students must reflect on the existential and ethical dilemmas, and they should be able to reflect on the hopes for the future.


Students will experience how it feels to compromise their values simply in order to survive. On the basis of the game, the students are forced to make meta-reflections on the dystopia as a genre – and reflect on the life we live today, as well as see the dystopia of the game and KBA’s “Unqalified (Uegent)”. Subsequently, the students must work on the opposite of dystopia – the utopia and the hope.

  • Educational material

  • Religion/Christian studies / Danish

  • Primary School

  • Youth educational studies


The Danish national church’s educational services