Ramasjang Racing


Portaplay has developed the racing game Ramasjang Racing for DR (The National Broadcast Corporation) Ramasjang Racing is a fun and colourful racing game for kids aged 5-8 years old. The game takes place on the island Ramasjang and there are several different themes, play modes, cars and accessories to unlock. Ramasjang Racing can be [...]

Pakkeleg for DR


Pakkeleg for DR Portaplay has in 2016 created the christmas themed game Pakkeleg for DR. (Denmarks national public service company). In the game you throw presents to your loved ones, to spread a little xmas mood. Each day throughout December up to christmas eve, a new level opens up and [...]

Panzer Geekz – destruction racer game for tablets


Panzer Geekz – destruction racer game for tablets Portaplay has released the accelerometer based destruction racer game Panzer Geekz. The game takes place in a beautiful miniature environment with toy soldiers, french farmers, and grazing sheep. Control your toy tank in a racing game inspired by pinball, bowling, minigolf and many years [...]

HC Andersen games – branded games for Kompan


HC Andersen games – branded games for Kompan Portaplay has together with the company KnapNok developed a number of apps for the play ground producer Kompan. All the apps are based on Hans Christian Andersens world famous fairytales. All the apps are available in 16 different languages. Read [...]

The Third Dimension – on-site science learning with SRL Architects


The Third Dimension Portaplay and SRL Architects have worked with creative development and prototyping for Forsyning Helsingør (Supply Helsingør) Powerplants. The overall concept is to give employees, visitors, guests and schools tools to interact with the powerplants and better understand how overall supply functions in Helsingør. The project [...]

StoryHunt Funen


Story Hunt Funen "Story Hunt Funen” is an app for families, hikers and culture explorers, that gives you access to the nature and culture of Funen. Grab the app and let it be your digital hunting guide that helps finding historical facts, stories, myths and sagas from Funen. The app is for you, [...]

Tracks in Time (Spor i Tiden) – augmented reality app for families and school classes


Tracks in Time (Spor i Tiden) – augmented reality app for families and school classes Go on a destiny and ghost hunt at the Poor House and make the past come alive! Spor i tiden (Tracks in Time) is an interactive discovery, where you in the role as a journalist travel back in [...]

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