Project Description

Deadline Athen – interactive documentary for school classes

Portaplay has helped produce and develop the award winning interactive documentary production Deadline Athen

You control a journalist visiting Athen writing an article about illegal refugees. You choose where you want to go in Athen, and who you want to interview – ranging from academic experts on the subject. to the police, to the park where the illegal refugees are hiding out. Along the way you choose which questions to ask in the interviews, and you choose what to write down in your notebook for your upcoming article.

The project is intended for use in school classes, where the children will end up writing their own article.

You can play the interactive documentary by visiting this webpage:

Deadline is developed by an unique cooperative from movies, games and interactive storytelling, consisting of journalists Thomas Aue Sobol, Steven Achiam, Lasse Telling Madsen, Asta Wellejus from Die Asta Experience and PortaPlay.

Deadline Athen won the Interactive Multimedia Production of the year 2014. The prize was awarded by the Danish press photographers. For more info: Press release