Big Ocean Window – Digital Aquarium


The North Sea Oceanarium treating the guests with a fascinating experience.Showing the predators and prey of the North Sea – in the same aquarium – does not seem to be possible. Some animals are too big or too intelligent to be put into aquariums, others would not last 5 minutes before they were eaten .Today’s [...]

Truth Hunter


Truth Hunter We have completed our newest interactive docudrama Truth Hunter together with Batavia Medier and DigTea. Trouth Hunter is take you on an interactive journey to modern Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to investigate a war crime dating from 1993. Are you able to collect evidence and prosecute a man responsible for mass murder or [...]

Deadline Syrien – Interactive Documentary


Interactive Documentary Deadline Syria Portaplay has developed the setup of the technical framework and content pipeline for the interactive documentary Deadline Syria. The project is a follow up to the Award winning project Deadline Athens and made by Thomas Aue Sobol, Lasse Telling, Die Asta Experience and Red Barnet. In this new project you [...]

School Yard Ninja with Four Hands Film


School Yard Ninja with Four Hands Film Portaplay has together with Fourhands Film created a prototype demo of the  narrative beat ‘em up game School Yard Ninja. School Yard Ninja is a funny, hard hitting cocktail of epic kung Fu fantasy, and Danish ground school social realism. The [...]

HC Andersen games – branded games for Kompan


HC Andersen games – branded games for Kompan Portaplay has together with the company KnapNok developed a number of apps for the play ground producer Kompan. All the apps are based on Hans Christian Andersens world famous fairytales. All the apps are available in 16 different languages. Read [...]

The Third Dimension – on-site science learning with SRL Architects


The Third Dimension Portaplay and SRL Architects have worked with creative development and prototyping for Forsyning Helsingør (Supply Helsingør) Powerplants. The overall concept is to give employees, visitors, guests and schools tools to interact with the powerplants and better understand how overall supply functions in Helsingør. The project [...]

StoryHunt Funen


Story Hunt Funen "Story Hunt Funen” is an app for families, hikers and culture explorers, that gives you access to the nature and culture of Funen. Grab the app and let it be your digital hunting guide that helps finding historical facts, stories, myths and sagas from Funen. The app is for you, [...]

Tracks in Time (Spor i Tiden) – augmented reality app for families and school classes


Tracks in Time (Spor i Tiden) – augmented reality app for families and school classes Go on a destiny and ghost hunt at the Poor House and make the past come alive! Spor i tiden (Tracks in Time) is an interactive discovery, where you in the role as a journalist travel back in [...]

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