Project Description

The Abduction of King Valdemar Sejr (Bortførelsen af Kong Valdemar Sejr) – augmented reality app for families and school classes

Bortførelsen af Kong Valdemar Sejr is an augmented reality app developed by Portaplay and KnapNok Games in cooperation with Faaborg Museum.

Join the hunt on Lyø in the year 1223. Go on a physical travel back to the middle ages and become a part of Danish history. Being a young noble man you experience hunting deers, intrigue and the kidnapping of a king.

You play the app by travelling to the danish island Lyø. Follow a route on the island shown by virtual markers on your phone and tablet. You walk around the island while being told the story, solving quizzes and answering dilemmas.

The app is made for Culture Region Funen, in cooperation with Die Asta experience and SRL Architects.

The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store here:


The app can be downloaded for free from Apple Store here: