DR Hr. Skægs hotel (Mr. Skæg’s Hotel)


Hr. Skægs Hotel (Mr. beard's Hotel) An English wording game for children PortaPlay, Danmarks Radio (DR) and Greathouse have created a mobile game supporting the famous Ramasjang TV-series character Hr. Skæg. ABOUT THE GAME The game play Mr. Skæg's Hotel is based on the programme Hr. Skæg (Mr. Skæg), which is casted [...]

DR Sikker & Søn (Safe & Son)


Sikker & Søn (Safe & Son) A traffic game for kids PortaPlay, Danmarks Radio (DR) and Greathouse have created a mobile game  supporting the Ramasjang TV-series featuring Sikker and his son challenging the traffic rules. ABOUT THE GAME Sikker & Søn - The robot has disappeared! is a digital game play targeting [...]

Egnet – Uegnet


Qualified? (Egnet?) QUALIFIED - A game that challenge your moral and principles Together with The Danish national church's educational services (Folkekirkelig Skoletjeneste) PortaPlay have developed a hybrid learning game. A board game and an online interactive video, that gives school students an opportunity to work with 'hope' and 'fear' on a deeper level through [...]

Big Ocean Window – Digital Aquarium


The North Sea Oceanarium treating the guests with a fascinating experience.Showing the predators and prey of the North Sea – in the same aquarium – does not seem to be possible. Some animals are too big or too intelligent to be put into aquariums, others would not last 5 minutes before they were eaten .Today’s [...]

Truth Hunter


Truth Hunter We have completed our newest interactive docudrama Truth Hunter together with Batavia Medier and DigTea. Trouth Hunter is take you on an interactive journey to modern Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to investigate a war crime dating from 1993. Are you able to collect evidence and prosecute a man responsible for mass murder or [...]

Deadline Syria


Interactive Documentary Deadline Syria Portaplay has developed the setup of the technical framework and content pipeline for the interactive documentary Deadline Syria. The project is a follow up to the Award winning project Deadline Athens and made by Thomas Aue Sobol, Lasse Telling, Die Asta Experience and Red Barnet. In this new project you [...]