Broken Lines to be published by the new premium publisher

PortaPlay is proud to announce that we have partnered with to bring our ambitious tactics game to the international marked on PC and Switch.

Broken Lines is an atmospheric storydriven war-game set in Eastern Europe during ww2.

You control a squad of eight soldiers stranded behind enemy lines, fighting for their lives in an ominous, terror-stricken land. Can you unite the mismatched soldiers in their struggle? Solve the horrific mystery plaguing the land and save the day – or focus on saving yourself and find a way back home!

Broken Lines combines WeGo turn-based squad tactics with player-driven storytelling in a branching, replayable single player campaign with multiple endings. Find out more about the game here:

About PortaPlay

PortaPlay develops games with challenging gameplay and serious storytelling. Games about war and conflicts told from the perspective of the people unfortunate enough to experience them. Games that immerse you in the characters and the story, challenging you with tough decisions and deep tactical gameplay with high accessibility. Learn more about PortaPlay on

The partnership is a new premium publisher founded by industry veterans and backed by a $50 mio. investment fund. Broken Lines and three other games are revealed at GDC 2019 as their very first lineup. The partnership with provides PortaPlay with the financial means to ensure the quality of the game, while also increasing the visibility and ensuring market penetration internationally.

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Hans von Knut Skovfoged:

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What our players say:

  • “Super enjoyable tactical real-time-turn-based hybrid gameplay.”
  • ”The best of Frozen Synapse combined with the accessibility of XCom, but with a very cohesive mood and feeling of terror!”