Portaplay has together with YouGlobe and the production company Optic Circus released the narrative beat ‘em up game School Yard Ninja (Skolegårdsninja).

School Yard Ninja is a funny, hard hitting cocktail of epic kung Fu fantasy, and Danish ground school social realism. Teaching the young kids about the fine balance between wild play and violent behaviour.

The game has been released as a learning package for Danish schools based on funds from the Film institute for the game and from the ministry of Education for the learning material.

The story of the beat ‘em up combat game is about the difficult line children have between wild creative fantasy, and learning to behave and handle conflicts.

School Yard Ninja has an entertaining and unique stop-motion style with collages of real photos. The game has intuitive swipe controls and is made for tablets and phones.

You can download the game here:

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Google Play

You can read more about the game and the education project here:


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