The prototype phase of The Expedition is now finished. The Expedition is a flexible module based learning course for the 5-9. grade for classes covering Danish, Nature and Technique/ Biology and Social studies. The course follows an expedition to the Artic Sea looking for the Bowhead Whale.  

Portaplay made tests of the digital prototype and the learning course itself. The tests were a great success and both students and teachers were positive for both the format and the prototype.

An 8th grade student said it “was positive because he could affect the outcome”. Another student thought it was “awesome to play computer and learn something at the same time”

The teachers were also enthusiastic and said “the students are accustomed to the game premise, which here is combined with academic content, and a clear objective” and “the game is fun and entertaining for the students. It quickly establishes a positive and engaging dynamic in the classroom.”

With the positive feedback from the prototype phase, and a great team behind the Expedition, we look forward to develop the full, excellent version of the Expedition in the near future.