Project Description

Story Hunt Funen

“Story Hunt Funen” is an app for families, hikers and culture explorers, that gives you access to the nature and culture of Funen. Grab the app and let it be your digital hunting guide that helps finding historical facts, stories, myths and sagas from Funen. The app is for you, wherever you are traveling on Funen. Use it for 5 minutes of sightseeing, nature hikes or longer stay. Get going, get out there and experience the cultural diversity of Funen – there are intriguing stories to be found!

Download the app and bring your mobile on the different routes on Funen. The stories are brought to life by historical persons, telling you about their experiences through time. Follow H.C. Andersen and visit Funen’s beautiful castles. Join the Viking Ottar on his ship sailing the waters of Svendborg, Nyborg and Slipshavn. Go on a ghost hunt in Odense and visit the trolls of Langeland. Or relax with inspiring walks in the nature of Funen, to meet the artists that have been inspired by it.

The routes are for walking, hiking, biking, driving or sailing, for both individual persons, groups and families. Visit the sites and unlock the stories, read them aloud to the small ones, listen to the music and see images and videos.

The project is made for Culture Region Funen, with creative support from Die Asta Experience.

Download and start the app, choose your route and then GO! The closer you get to the location of the story, the more story-bits you unlock and experience. – will you find them all?

Download the app for free from Google Play:


Download the app for free from Apple Store: