Ghostrockets tv documentary Nordic

The swedish documentary about ghostrockets is now broadcasted on Nordic tv. Here is the schedule: NRK - 7th of March - time for broadcast: 21.30 DR 2 - 8 March - time for broadcast: 23.00 SVT - 10 March - time for broadcast: 20.00 SVT2 och SVT Play torsdag 10 mars 2016 kl. 20.00 SVT2 [...]

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Start of production on The Learning Mixer

Portaplay and Die Asta Experience has received a production grant from the Ministry of Education for the project Læringsmixeren. Production is well under way after a first succesful start up meeting with our production partners and collaborators. Portaplay is developing the learning tool The Learning Mixer ("Læringsmixeren") in collaboration with Die Asta Experience. Following a succesful [...]

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Portaplay travels to Jordan for Deadline Syria preproduction.

The award winning interactive documentary Deadline Athen is getting a sequel. Portaplay travelled to Amman in Jordan for a workshop with local media people regarding the conflict in Syrua. As part of the preproduction for Deadline Syria, Portaplay's Jakob Hansson travelled to Jordan in january 2016, with Asta Wellejus from Die Asta Experience and journalists [...]

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