Project Description

Panzer Geekz – destruction racer game for tablets

Portaplay has released the accelerometer based destruction racer game Panzer Geekz. The game takes place in a beautiful miniature environment with toy soldiers, french farmers, and grazing sheep. Control your toy tank in a racing game inspired by pinball, bowling, minigolf and many years of nerdy table top gaming! Plan your ride, pull your toy back and ride through the landscape to reach your target!

The game has 60+ levels and more than 6 hours of play time. As of december 2016, the game has been downloaded 500.000 + times, and has a user rating of 4 (out of  5) grade based on 863 ratings. Our players decribe the game as  “addictive”, “challenging”, “fun”, “great” and last but not least “awesome”!

Panzer Geekz is available on the Windows store, for Windows phones and tablets.

Soon it can also be played on IOS + android mobile phones.

Check it out here:
Get it from Microsoft