Portaplay and Fourhands Film receive grant for project School Yard Ninja!

Portaplay has together with Fourhands Film received a grant from the Ministry of Education for prototype production of the narrative beat 'em up game School Yard Ninja. School Yard Ninja is a funny, hard hitting cocktail of epic kung Fu fantasy, and Danish ground school social realism. The story of the beat 'em up combat [...]

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Panzer Geekz reaches 100.000 downloads!

We are very happy that our Windows phone Panzer Geekz launch now has reached 100.000 downloads. The game has gotten a great reception so far, with a 3.9 grade based on 444 reviews and lots a good comments describing Panzer Geekz as being  "addictive", "challenging", "fun", "great" and last but not least "awesome"! Thank you very [...]

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Panzer Geekz released on Windows Phone

Portaplay has released our game Panzer Geekz! The game is available on Windows Store for tablets and mobile phone. Check out the level­-based racing­-destruction game, where you drive through WWII model-landscapes in your quest for liberating the world. So far the game has gotten a good reception, with a review rating of 4.0 based on [...]

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100.000 updates

PortaPlay's mobile game-platform has now exceeded 100.000 updates. We are delighted with this magical number. In our eyes an update is far more valuable than a download. Hey - people are actually using the things we make :0)  

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