Project Description

Nordsøens Oceanarium giver publikum en fascinerende oplevelse.

Showing the predators and prey of the North Sea – in the same aquarium – does not seem to be possible. Some animals are too big or too intelligent to be put into aquariums, others would not last 5 minutes before they were eaten .
Today’s technology made it possible for us to solve the challenge – a giant 100m2 digital aquarium, where we can show huge fishing schoals and their fascinating patterns of movement, fast predators preying on the schoals and slow lumbering giants, devouring everything in one mouthful.

It is both a majestic sight to watch and then it’s great fun too – seing the realistic simulation and controlling your own fish among all the other fish in the digital aquarium.

Big Ocean Window is created by: Nordsøen Oceanarium, Søren Robert Lund Architechts, and PortaPlay. With support from Logic Artists.

Supported by Nodeanfonden & Møllerfonden

For more information contact: Hans von Knut Skovfoged, +45 702 69 702