PortaPlay is working on a new title and we need YOUR help!

Job Description

The position is a combined 3D artist and mocap animator. You will help us improve our pipeline for our mocap animations, coordinate and direct recordings of new mo-cap animations and improve the quality of the animation-setup inside the game. You will also be working with the two other 3D artists in asset creation and environment art / level dressing.

The project

You will be working on a unanounced game, published by DONTNOD (developers of Life is Strange and other award winning titles).

Your tasks will be e.g.:

  • Manage, tweak and define our Mocap-to-Unity pipeline
  • Coordinate and direct new mocap animations
  • Manage animations in relation to the in game dialogue and mood, in collaboration with the Art Director and the Game Design team.
  • Cleanup and implement animations
  • Model and texture soft-surface and hard-surface props and buildings
  • Set dress in Unity based on the designer’s greyboxing

And we would love if you had:

  • Experience with directing/outsourcing mocap animations/mocap suits
  • Strong aesthetic sense in regards to emotional/storytelling quality in animations
  • Experience with set dressing in Unity
  • Experience with lighting, particle effects and post-processing effects in Unity

Practical info

  • The position is full time, salary and terms depends on qualifications.
  • The position can begin from May/June and is 9 months minimum.
  • Deadline for application is 16th of April.

The pipeline, organization and office

We are working in Unity, using Blender/Maya and Photoshop. We work in self-organized teams in a flat hierarchy structure. Work is mainly on-site from our office in the center of CPH, when corona allows. Crunch is something we actively strive to avoid, but rely instead on proper planning, individual responsibility, empowerment and prioritise team-members with opinions and solutions.

The application

Please apply with a portfolio and C.V. with links to projects that can be showcased (playable/video). Preferable including samples of source files, for technical review (e.g. model/rig/animation).

Send your application to hansvonknut@portaplay.dk

If you have any extra questions: caroline@portaplay.net (art) or hansvonknut@portaplay.dk (terms)

About PortaPlay

PortaPlay is your friendly neighborhood developer, combining storytelling with non-casual gameplay. We primarily develop premium games with realistic or real-life inspired topics, themes and settings – with some work-for-hire on the side.

The game-team of PortaPlay is a English-speaking team of around 10 people with a flat structure. We are an equal opportunities employer and encourage people of any background to apply.